Anatomy of a TweetChat

Like to connect with others?  Ask questions and get immediate answers?  Find new, helpful links on the web?  Then TweetChat is for YOU!

While it may seem daunting to those unfamiliar, this real-time group conversation is a fabulous, easy tool.  Here’s how it works.  First, you must have a Twitter account established.  If you don’t already have one, simply go to and set your account up at no cost.  Once you have your Twitter account set up, you are ready to go to your preferred chat  (in our case, #SpnMin Chat) at the designated time.  To attend the chat,  simply go to  You will be prompted through an easy three-step process.  When you click “Sign In”, you will then be asked to “Authorize an Application” through your Twitter account.  To attend, you will have to click the blue “Authorize App” button.  Once you have done so, merely type in the “Hashtag” or name of your chat that you wish to attend at the top of the page, and click go.  In our case, type in SpnMin.  Now you’re in the chat room!  But you’re not finished yet.  To keep most current with the conversation, go to the upper left hand side of the screen and click on “Refresh Speed”.  Slide the tab down to 5 seconds.  This will keep you up-to-date with the scrolling conversation.  Remember, just like on Twitter, you are limited to only so many spaces for your comments, in this case 132.  You do not need to write in #SpnMin after every post.  Merely being in the chat room will add that to each of your posts.

Of course, if this is too complicated for you, a person can always follow the conversation on regular Twitter by typing in that #SpnMin in your searches.  This will avail you of much of the conversation.  However, there is nothing like being in that TweetChat room with the live, scrolling conversation that you need not continually refresh.  The discussions with people who share a common passion or interest from anywhere in the world is truly amazing!

I pray that you find this information helpful to you!  I encourage you to try this out prior to the chat on November 3rd, 8:30 PM, EST.  We look forward to chatting with you and all of the participants in the Inclusion Fusion Pajama Conference!  And feel free to join us every Thursday evening at 8:30 PM EST for conversation regarding special needs and faith.  This is definitely a mission field worth discussing!

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