Required Reading

It is the Lord who gives wisdom; from him come knowledge and understanding.  (Proverbs 2:6, GNT)

Continuing to build on our Monday post regarding our new Mentor Training Curriculum, it is my honor to present you with another tool in our tool chest.  Written by our Board Member and colleague, Jolene Philo, DIFFERENT DREAM PARENTING is required reading for our mentors-in-training.  In fact, this book should be required reading for anyone in or near the special needs community.

Why?  DIFFERENT DREAM PARENTING provides a fabulous jumping-off point and broad overview of living a  life with a child who has unique needs.  No doubt, a person who serves as a mentor of parents in this arena will find individuals who face various challenges on the continuum.  Jolene competently addresses each of  these areas with insights, resources and tools to put to immediate use.

In parenting such precious treasures, there can be much shock.  The initial diagnosis can seem absolutely surreal, even if it may have been anticipated.  Lack of resolution when one was expected, can bring shock.  And new foreign obstacles can hit a parent seemingly out of nowhere.  Jolene’s book is almost like having a written friend to walk along side a parent as they readjust through such shock.

We in Christian community know the boundless blessings of prayer.  Even so, if we haven’t parented a child with special needs, finding the right words or themes in prayer can be awkward.  The same can be true if we journeyed through these difficulties long ago and memories have faded.  But Jolene’s book blesses the reader with seven wonderful prayer guides in the first appendix.  This unique tool makes the book essential for Christian ministry in the disability arena, as does her second appendix that describes God speaking through His word.

Practical tools coupled with spiritual filling for the journey have made DIFFERENT DREAM PARENTING a no-brainer when choosing books for our training curriculum.  Although we may be biased, we recommend you make this essential reading for your ministry and teams as well!

*To read further details on this book, please feel free to read the review on our devotional blog that came out around the book’s initial release.

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