So You Heard Tablet Computers Are Good For Kids With Special Needs…

It’s the latest HOT tool for children with special needs children — the tablet.  Whether it be the iPad, the Kindle Fire or any Android variation thereof, parents, therapists and educators are clamoring to get their hands on these tools.  But then what?  Is this just a nice toy for a child?  What are the capabilities of a tablet?  What do the various apps do?  Which apps are better than others?  Are there any apps that would be useful in a church or a faith based setting?  The questions are endless!

We will attempt to weed through these questions with a mother and advocate who has some experience in this arena.  On Thursday evening, April 5, 2012 at 8 PM, CST, Jennifer Bertram will be our guest on the #SpnMin TweetChat  as we discuss “Technology for Special Kids”.  From Jennifer’s own website, her biography reads, “I am an Occupational Therapist of 20 years specializing in neurological injuries.  As I began a family some 14 years ago, I decided to stay home.  When my daughter, Meghan had her first seizure in 1999, my life as I knew it was changed.  My journey has taken me places that I never would have imagined and I have met the most amazing professionals and parents. Can I help you navigate this system and get the resources that you need?  Would getting support give your family higher quality of life for your child and your family?  How can I help you?”  With this same helpful attitude and informed personal experience, Jennifer recently offered a webinar through the Epilepsy Foundation that gave wise advice on this very topic.  She will share with our chat participants the information covered in that presentation and more.  You won’t want to miss this week’s gathering!

If you have never participated in a TweetChat before, merely follow these instructions:

First, you must have an established Twitter account.  If you don’t already have one, simply go to and set a free account. When participating in the chat for the first time, click on the following link:
You will be prompted through an easy three-step process.
  1. When you click “Sign In”, you will then be asked to “Authorize an Application” through your Twitter account.  To attend, you will have to click the blue “Authorize App” button.
  2. Once you have done so, merely type in the name of the chat (hashtag) you wish to attend at the top of the page, and click go.  For our chat, type in spnmin.  Now you’re in the chat room!  But you’re not finished yet.
  3. To keep most current with the conversation, go to the upper left hand side of the screen and click on “Refresh Speed”.  Slide the tab down to 5 seconds.  This will keep you up-to-date with the scrolling conversation.  Remember, just like on Twitter, you are limited to only so many spaces for your comments…in this case 132 characters.  You don’t have to add the #spnmin hashtag after every post. TweetChat adds the hashtag automatically.

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