In my busy schedule, there are a few times during my year that I purposely pull away to refill myself as a leader.  In Spring, it’s traveling east to the McLean Bible Church Accessibility Summit.  In Fall, it’s heading far north to the BSL Women’s Retreat.  And in August, I never want to miss Willow Creek’s Global Leadership Summit!

A number of years ago, one of my Board members made me aware of the Summit.  He and a few of his friends attend it each year.  I first joined him 3 years ago, and instantly became a fan.  I found it to be a worthwhile pursuit that also had a busy leader like myself in mind.  Because the Summit is simulcast at over 300 locations worldwide, a leader can find a local host to attend the conference without incurring large travel expenses or extra travel time away from home.  A wide variety of resources are offered for purchase at discounted prices on site, which makes it easy to put into practice or further develop a ideas you discovered during the event.

The schedule for the Summit is always a blessing too.  It opens with a time of worship, which dedicates the time to the Lord, and gets us outside of ourselves from the start.  You find yourself experiencing everything from laughter to great curiosity as you listen to the presentations during the two day event.  A wide variety of leaders speak as part of the annual faculty.  This includes individuals from the Christian community, from the political world, and from the social justice world.  Attendees are challenged to set aside their political views and keenly tune in to what can be learned from the skills of each leader.  Ample breaks are given for refreshment, for lunch and for examining resources.  Time to chat with fellow local attendees is also available.  While I doubt that every speaker will appeal in equal measure to every attendee, I never leave the Summit without some exciting nugget to make me a better leader.

I encourage you to invest in your leadership skills by attending this years 2012 Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit, either in person or by simulcast!  Best rates are available if you register before May 22nd!  Some of the speakers I am most eager to hear this year include John Ortberg, Condoleezaa Rice, Jim Collins, and Craig Groeschel.  Can’t find a location convenient to you or get away at that particular time?  Then be sure to do yourself the great favor of checking out the wonderful resources Willow Creek Association puts together for you to study on your own.  It is a true gift that Bill Hybels and his team give the rest of us, making it far easier to grow ourselves as Christian leaders!

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