Summer – What’s YOUR Take?

Today, it’s YOUR turn to engage!  With the unofficial beginning of summer having kicked off this past weekend, what are your ministry plans for the warm months of vacation?  How are you positioned to serve families with a special need in their midst?  Will Sunday services at your church look different during summer?  There’s no doubt that it can be a bit more challenging to secure consistent volunteers in June, July and August.  How do plan to deal with that challenge?  Will you be running an overnight camp, a day camp, a VBS?  How are you funding all of that?  When do you finalize plans for these events?

On the flip side, how do you intend to make sure that you are not consumed by the ministry demands of summer?  Do you have time carved out to give yourself a break with those you love?  Do you plan on actually slowing down in the area of ministry over summer?

How we frame these upcoming months can determine if they’re enjoyable or we reach September with dismay, wondering where the summer went.  I would love to hear from you how you are approaching summer!

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