What We’re Reading

The kids may be ready for vacation, but our teams are hard at work.  Part of that work focuses on absorbing good information to grow and enhance our work.  Here are some of our teams’ recent or current reads:


One of our team members is participating in Kelly Langston’s online book study, not only to avail herself of Kelly’s message of encouragement and inspiration, but to also learn from this platform.  Our team hopes to learn some best practices from the way that this online format of a study is run, so that we may then apply it to our developing mentor program or just simple book studies of our own.


As we perfect the art of matching mentors to mentorees, I am reading this more recent book by famed leadership expert, John C. Maxwell.  It is our hearts’ desire that our mentors approach their relationship from a place of deep concern for another and connect well with their mentorees.  This book definitely contains concepts that will help us develop and foster that in our mentors.


Our Board of Directors has developed the habit of gathering in the summer each year to enjoy a barbeque and hold a vision casting meeting.  This is no cursory, 2 hour meeting.  We spend time in deep prayer, seeking the Lord’s direction for the forthcoming year.  Andy Stanley lays out a simple, but effective set of strategies in this book that holds value for any organization pursuing excellence in its vision.


Healthy marriage is a constant hot-topic within the population we serve.  While we are tremendously fond of Cindi and Joe Ferrini in this area of focus, this book takes a more clinical view of this relationship.  Written by two special needs mothers, one a psychologist, one a speech-language pathologist, the volume pulls apart the stresses and behaviors of couples who have children with diagnoses.  It also details constructive strategies to bring health to the marriage.  This is an area where our teams will always be seeking to glean helpful tools and resources.


As we help our friends in collaboration with the Zachariah’s Acres respite development, we share this tool.  Having a clear, concise and effective plan is tremendously helpful with grant-writing as well as helping others to catch your vision.  Team members are using this not only to help this collaborative project, but will revisit it after our vision casting meeting for the year.


Having found this jewel via Tony Morgan’s tweets during the Orange Conference, I immediately knew this was a resource our teams needed to add to our permanent library.  Our newly enlisted director of special events is currently elbow-deep in this book as she develops a more cohesive volunteer development and training program for our many gatherings.


  1. #1 by Jennifer BERTRAM on May 31, 2012 - 8:00 am

    Some really good resources! I especially am interested in the marriage book. Thanks for the suggestions!

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