Knowing Where You Stand Apart

Know that the Lord has set apart his faithful servant for himself…  (Psalm 4:3, NIV)

I found myself in a conversation with members of my Board of Directors regarding grant-writing.  We were discussing the fact that many grantors like to see collaboration on their applications.  This assures that there is not duplication of services as well as guarantees wider reach.

Our talk turned to different influential organizations willing to work together on events.  Some are long-established members of the disability community.  Some are stalwarts in the area of social services.  Others are service-type clubs woven into the fabric of American society.  These teams definitely have much to bring to the table when working on a project or event together.

But then, I found myself directing our focus to what an organization like ours has to bring to the fore that is utterly unique.  And I would say that, unlike the various community influencers I previously mentioned, we are distinctly sold out for Christ.  We are unabashed when we profess our mission:  “Our pursuit is to continuously support and encourage those living with the challenge of parenting a child with special needs, so that the genuine love and hope of Jesus will be experienced and shared in their every day lives.”  This definition makes us stand apart from other parental support groups, social services, government entities, hospital programs or the like.

I would say that it is essential for each of us in this arena to have a clear understanding of what makes us unique.  We have something to bring to the table that the secular world surely does not.  The Lord has called every Christian to be set apart for His good purposes.  And while it is tremendously beneficial to work with people of every sort, we should never lose our identity in Christ.  How is your organization, team or group doing on that?  Is your focus solely on the work or are your eyes and ears turned heavenward?


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