The Pinterest Toolchest

I was avoiding it like the plague.  I needed another social media venue like a needed a hole in the head.  I already had difficulty keeping up with some of the lesser known social media sites we had connected to.  But this was like a virus that wouldn’t go away and demanded attention.  Pinterest.

More commonly known as a social network beloved by those who enjoy cooking, crafting and decorating, Pinterest can be and is a helpful ministry tool.  Allow me to explain some reasons why:

  • Harkening back to our original venture into social media, when people can’t come to us, we come to them.  Pinterest is another way that allows that connection.  If you are not using this venue, you are missing a segment of the population that does not ever use Facebook or Twitter.  They may be your average housewife or handy husband that only uses this location to capture great ideas.  This presents an opportunity for you to get information in front of them that they would not otherwise see.
  • Unlike Facebook or Twitter whose articles are here today and gone tomorrow, Pinterest’s “pin boards” allow for good ideas to be collected in one area.  Let me use our Pinterest collection as an example.  We have one pin board where we have all of our web venues (website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs) posted.  We have another where any good book we find worthy of a read is located.  All of our excellent ideas for our mentors in the new Mentor Program are corralled on one board.  Conferences across the nation that pertain to disability ministry are parked in another spot.  Leadership insights can be found on yet another, and so on.  The beauty is that these pin boards can be referred back to time and again, so good ideas, articles and tips are not lost in the paperwork or internet nightmare for panicked seeking at a future date.  If I have a volunteer or leader who does not use Pinterest and I want to share an important article, at least I can go back to that board to quickly locate it and forward the article to them.
  • Collaboration is made extremely easy by this social tool.  With the ability to allow multiple people to save things to a pin board, a variety of ideas come together easily and are archived for teamwork.  For example, I have been allowed to pin on a board for Children’s & Youth Ministry, a secular board of just Special Needs Blogs, and another where “Special Needs Parents Talk About Raising Kids.”  I cannot overstate what an ability that gives us to expand our ministry borders, both with our colleagues and with those who haven’t fully incorporated inclusion into their ministry.

These are only a few of the reasons you may want to explore this tool chest.  The incredibly cool part of using this aid is that most articles or your toolbar on your web browser have a simple prompt to pin the item to Pinterest, so it is no more work to maintain than a simple click of your mouse.  In the short time we have been using Pinterest, it has been an efficient, effective way to share ideas between both colleagues, leaders in training, and those we serve.  Think about about adding it to your ministry toolchest today!

To further explore the SNAPPIN’ MINISTRIES Pinterest page, click here!

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