Ministry Goals for the New Year



For God is not a God of disorder but of peace—as in all the congregations of the Lord’s people. (1 Corinthians 14:33, NIV)

We’re just about to flip the calendar on 2012.  Heading into 2013, do you have goals for your ministry in the year ahead?  I actually try to pull back a little bit during the holiday season, not only to be with my family, but to also get my head on straight in experiencing the true meaning of Christmas.  As I spent some down time this December, God brought to mind some of the skills He equipped me with in my pre-ministry years.

Decades ago, I was a financial adviser.  Not only did this entail managing millions of dollars every day, but it also required that I build a clientele base from nothing.  In my years in the industry, I never stopped learning.  I educated myself in a variety of different areas from basic sales skills, to methods of financial analysis, to changes in tax laws and basic organization.  During that time, I learned much about goal setting.  The overriding message in everything I learned was, “Aim at nothing and that is exactly what you will achieve.”

This is no less true in leading a ministry in the disability arena.  Special needs ministry is such a broad area of service that it can be easy to lose our focus trying to do it all.  In the decade I have had the privilege of leading our organization, each year has brought more and more refining.  Through this process, we have become better and better at serving our target population of parents.  There have been several components to this process that you may want to consider in setting your goals for the New Year:

  • Use strategies that are measurable.
  • Get a strategic planning date on the calendar for the year with your team.
  • Plan personal enrichment such as leadership training.
  • Schedule time to interact with colleagues for mutual learning and edification.
  • Be intentional with your volunteers.
  • Be deliberate about your fundraising.
  • Make sure you get feedback from those you serve.

While these points may seem overly simplistic, they are a good place to start with covering your bases.

What are you doing to work towards ministry goals in this upcoming New Year?  How do you strategize with achieving goals?  Sharing what you’re doing can help other organizations to become better with their goal-setting.  We would love to hear from you!

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