Vote Early! Vote Often!


An unexpected blessing has brought about the opportunity to widen the reach of Christian ministry in the nationwide special needs community.  Both our organization, SNAPPIN’ MINISTRIES, and a collaborative project put together by Michael Woods, Not Alone, are finalists nominated in the Reader’s Choice Awards.  SNAPPIN’ is a finalist in the Favorite Regional Resource category, and Not Alone is a finalist in the Favorite Special Needs Parenting Blog category.

Each of us desperately needs your DAILY votes!  While Not Alone has been running neck-and-neck with another widely followed blog, SNAPPIN’ lost its lead a few days into the voting, falling second to a Florida college.  All of these nominated finalists are beneficial to individuals with special needs, but only the two named in this blog point to an eternal hope.

There is no cash prize for these awards.  However, the recognition received from the awards is of tremendous help.  It first builds awareness of the work each of us is involved in, and it broadens the base of families we are able to serve.  It is also extremely helpful when writing applications for grants.  Grantors want to know about the fullness of an organization’s reach when making a decision to award grant money.  To these ends, winning the Reader’s Choice Award would be an incredible blessing for each of us.

Voting continues through Tuesday, March 19th.  You may vote once daily for each of these candidates as well as the candidates in other categories, until that deadline.  Won’t you please join us in shining the light on what God is doing in the special needs community by giving us your daily vote?  You may access each voting category by visiting the Reader’s Choice Awards Special Needs Categories or by clicking through on one of the referenced categories above.   Thank you in advance for your help!

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  1. #1 by drgrcevich on February 26, 2013 - 9:46 am

    Vote early, vote often? You may have a future as a community organizer!

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