It’s International Rare Disease Day!


SNAPPIN’ MINISTRIES is once again a proud partner in the observance of international Rare Disease Day.  Before you tune out, perhaps you need to learn more about how common “rare” is!  Do you know how many of the families you serve are dealing with disorders or diseases considered “rare”?  It’s a greater number than you think.

Families living with a loved one who has a disorder that is considered rare often face the most adverse of conditions.  These rare diagnoses are typically expensive to treat.  Isolation can often be greater because it is more challenging to connect to others with that diagnosis given the smaller pool of individuals living with it.  Treatment options are far more limited.  And without widespread research, fear of the unknown with rare diseases can be especially taxing on the family.

This is where the church can make a tremendous difference.  Loving on these families, providing emotional and spiritual support, as well as practical help is our calling.  Ministries without an awareness of the unique challenges involved with rare disease are missing out on making an impact on an entire segment of the wider special needs community.

In an effort to inform, activate, and encourage those of us working in disability ministry, we conclude today’s blog post by connecting you to great resources on this topic.  Why not start by taking 15 minutes to listen to SNAPPIN’s Podcast 4 Rare Disease Day?  You can also visit our Facebook Event in honor of today’s observance.

Other essential resources include:

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