Pajama Hub: A GREAT Free Tool!


Having been a user of Jeremy Collins’ great tools for empowering ministry, I wanted to be sure to have him share what he is doing at Pajama Hub.  Here, Jeremy describes in his own words the reach and capability of what he is offering the church from the ease of the computer.

Jeremy Collins - Profile Photo

Hello!  My name is Jeremy Collins, Children’s Pastor and Media Director at Bethel Harvest Church in Lexington, Ky and the founder of Pajama Hub.  Over the past 3 years Pajama Hub has served over 7,000 ministry leaders from all across the world by providing 100% Free trainings and education online.
Pajama Hub all started 3 years ago when I was preparing to go to the Orange Conference (One of the Largest Children’s Ministry Conferences which is held in Georgia), which I love attending.  The year before at the Orange Conference I meet with some awesome leaders and was really looking forward to connecting with each of them again the next year at the conference.  I sent out an email to them all and was trying to setup a time to meet with them while attending the conference and I got some return emails that I was not expecting.  Of the return emails – 80% of them said they would not be able to attend the conference this year due to budgets.There is so much great information at a large conference and it’s then I realized there were hundreds of thousands of churches out there that can’t afford to attend the conferences, so I took it upon myself to reach those churches that don’t have the budgets to send their teams to the conferences.  I started searching Facebook and Twitter for well-known Children’s Ministry speakers and started contacting them (99% of them I did not know and they did not know me) and asked them if they would record a 30 min educational training that I could offer to Children’s Pastors and leaders across the world for FREE!Here is where things got really cool.  80% of the speakers I contacted said YES and within a few months I had over 20 audio teachings.  Then I randomly went on Facebook and contacted other Children’s Ministry leaders that had only been doing ministry for 3 years or less and invited them to submit an audio because I know that some of the best ideas come for those that a fresh into ministry.In July 2010 the very first Children’s Ministry Telesummit was held over the phone lines where ministry leaders could dial in for FREE and listen to all the trainings, and to my shock over 1,500 ministry leaders dialed in.

I know this is what God wanted me to keep doing and he just kept opening more doors for me and Pajama Hub.  A year after it all started I partnered with Key Ministry to host Inclusion Fusion which opened my eyes to a whole new ministry – Special Needs Ministries – that Pastors and ministry leaders needed to be educated on.  Over the past 3 years we have held Pajama Conferences for Special Needs Ministries, Children’s Ministries, Women’s Ministries, and Youth Ministries.  Our Goal is to partner with organizations, speakers, trainers, coaches, etc. and bring more Free online and physical trainings, workshops and conferences to those ministries that do not have the budgets to attend the large workshops and conferences.

One of the most exciting things has happened this year when we partnered with Big Marker, start up company specializing in online communities and video conferences.  PajamaHub has launched this year a FREE online Pajamahub Community where minsitry leaders can connect with each other and host their own Free video trainings.  Throughout the year this community will be hosting Free online workshops and meetings with ministry leaders across the world.  We have also created subgroups for Children’s Ministries and Special Needs Ministries, and are looking to expand into other ministry fields.  You can join us in the communities here:

We are always looking for ministry leaders to partner with us to help launch new workshops and conferences to reach more ministry leaders!  Please join us online at and if you would like to partner with Pajamahub to help provide more free ministry trainings please contact me on Facebook – or by email at :


Jeremy Collins
Children’s Pastor and Media Director – Bethel Harvest Church
Pajama Hub – Founder

Join me on Twitter – @bhmjeremy or Facebook

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