Do Resources Have To Be “Christian” To Be Good?


In our most recent mentor training “hang-out” an interesting subject arose.  We were discussing who a mentor might include on their “team”, supporting the mentoree.  As we listed the obvious resources of spouse and pastor, I pointed to practitioners that we might overlook because they are not Christian.  This opened up a whole conversation about the fact that we, in Christian community, can get stuck on the idea that a tool has to be “Christian” to be considered “good”.

While this comment may raise your ire, I would contend that the notion that a resource has to be Christian to be considered good is complete poppycock.  It is not only faulty thinking, it is NOT biblical.  If you really get to know God’s word in truth, you see that He used anyone He wanted to accomplish His good purposes.  Rahab the prostitute, King Nebuchadnezzar, Caesar Augustus only begin the list of non-adherents who the Lord used to carry out His will.  In fact, the epistles of the New Testament wouldn’t have much of a compelling story to tell if the apostles hadn’t been living and relating with pagans and Gentiles.

On the flip side, there have been plenty of crummy Christian resources I have personally used over the years.  Whether it be poor writers or overly pious individuals without credentials, I have run across more than a few references or ministries that I wouldn’t allow to assist my dog.  Factually speaking, some advice from these Christian tools can be outright dangerous.

I do some serious homework when I am referring anyone to any person, book or online aid.  This might mean that I preclude a resource because it actually misguides or detracts from a Christian worldview.  But it also means I will refer to something terrific that doesn’t have a Christian label on it.  SibShops, Stress Free Kids,, Elasto-Gel wraps are just a few of the tools in the secular world that I love and turn our families to again and again.  Our Pinterest pin boards are packed with resources of every kind.  If I weren’t willing to venture outside of our little Christian community, families would be deprived of these excellent aids, and I know that as a leader, I would not be following God’s command for me to serve with love.

What are your favorite “non-Christian” tools for disability ministry?  We would love to hear!

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