Special Needs Parents Have a New Tool


As the mother of 3 children, 2 of whom have a variety of special needs, I know what it is like to constantly be on the go.  Doctor’s appointments, therapy appointments, continual meetings with educators, IEP and 504 meetings, and hospitalizations all personally keep me busy.  Yet, I so badly need encouragement, resources, ways to build my faith in the storms, and a means to end my isolation.  Since I fit the profile of  those our organization serves, it was easy to imagine an effective tool that could address all of these needs.

Years ago our Board of Directors pondered the possibility of an application for mobile devices that would allow those we serve to easily connect to us no matter where they are.  With tight budgets, the idea sadly found itself sidelined over more financially solvent projects.  Yet, God often shows us that our priorities are not His priorities!  To our surprise, the opportunity and finances to make this app a reality suddenly arrived earlier in 2013.

SNAPPIN’ MINISTRIES is thrilled to be able to introduce all of you our new app for both Apple and Android devices.  The purpose of this tool is like a mini-version of our larger mission statement — To bring the genuine love and hope of Jesus to parents of kids with special needs wherever they are.  In this way, whether waiting in the carpool line at school or sitting in the doctor’s waiting room, parents can connect to what they need.


What does the tool do?

This is the primary question people ask when we share the excitement.  Here are the key features that parents (and anyone needing inspiration or resources in the area of special needs) can avail themselves of:

  • Connect to basic information on SNAPPIN’ MINISTRIES and our services.
  • Easily access our devotional blog.
  • View our Events Calendar in 1 touch.
  • Watch our YouTube Channel with Mentor Training videos and inspirational pieces.
  • Listen to our weekly Podcasts.
  • Link to 47 special needs ministries and blogs to find resources and additional encouragement.
  • A prayer and praise wall.
  • The opportunity to donate to the ministry if one is so inspired.

What will the app look like in the future?

Our hope is to continue to make more additions to the “More Ministries We Like”.  We are also undergoing a website refresh/update.  This will create a more uniform interface with the app, linking to all of our organization’s online resources.

We hope that you not only download and use the app yourself, but also let others know about this important tool for parents of children with special needs.  Keep in touch, tell us what you think and how the app is working.

Check the iTunes Store or click here to access the Apple application.

Check the Google Play Store or click here to access the Android application.


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