Tools You Can Use: Dropbox


Have you ever found yourself in a stressful situation where time was of the essence, and you had to get a large video file, multiple documents or multiple high resolution photos to someone on your team?  You could download them to a flash drive and then hope to drive them to the party if they are local, or overnight express them to the party if they are out of town.  But what if it doesn’t get there in time?  And forget working together in real time.  That’s impossible with a flash drive unless you’re in the same office.

Several years ago, my marketing team introduced me to a tool that has become so part of my regular work that I hardly think twice about it.  However, some recent encounters with colleagues have revealed to me that I’m clearly not the last one on the block to know about this handy-dandy tool.  Dropbox is a user-friendly means of sharing documents and files as easily as you store them to your own computer.  The process works this way:

  • You create a “folder” and upload your files to that folder.
  • You share or invite others to that folder to collaborate.
  • You receive a notification in real time on your computer when a shared item is revised and saved.

The advantages of this tool are many.  As opposed to Google Drive, you can park video files, graphics, and photos, in addition to pdf files, and other documents.  And honestly, have you ever tried getting any sort of support from Google?  Jesus will return before that ever happens!  Another advantage is that you receive a whole lot of storage for FREE before you ever have to buy more space, so you can remove files from the Dropbox that you no longer need to be shared.

I can tell you that this tool has served us on so many important projects that would not have been completed efficiently had we not used Dropbox.  We have shared documents and videos as we formed our Parent Mentor Program.  Our new logo refresh took place in Dropbox.  Marketing documents are constructed and share there.  Respite volunteers, attendees, and policies have all been updated using this tool.  And we are currently using folders in this application to create our new website refresh.

Even if you don’t want to share files with others, Dropbox also offers you the ability to store documents for easy access when you’re away from the office or your home base computer.  With their application available for all device types, you can go from desktop to tablet or even smart phone with the greatest of ease.

For a FREE video tour or download visit:


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