How Do You Deal With Viral Stories?

They seem to be out there with increasing frequency.  I have one author friend, the sibling of an adult with challenges, who calls such features “Super Crip” stories.  I just about choked when I heard her say it to me on the phone, but she was right.  In our human desire to root for the underdog and see them win, we seem to encounter more videos of individuals with special needs in heroic situations.  It may have started  with the likes of Dick Hoyt:

Since such stories started being shared by so many on the web, hometown victories like this have been shown time and time again:

And most recently, as reality TV takes evening viewing by a storm, we see viral stories like this:

While inspiration has value, I wonder, how many of these stories do you share?  Do you think they are a good representation on the population we serve?  What do you think these types of stories do as far as the expectations of the “typical” world go?  I would LOVE to hear your feedback!

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